What Web Address Owners Need to Know

Private Domain Registration


Did you know that when you register your domain name, all of your registration information is public?  Privacy is a big issue to most, especially on the World Wide Web. But unsuspecting domain name owners don’t think about their privacy when obtaining their URL address.

Personal and vital information is shared with the world such as your legal name, address, phone number as well as email address. Anyone can look up your domain name and find out this information unbeknownst to many.

Another issue that many domain owners are not aware of is “Domain Hijacking”. Domain hijacking or domain theft is the act of changing the registration of a domain name without the permission of its original registrant. Domain name hijacking has increased exponentially in recent years, with thieves worldwide attempting to steal domains to facilitate scams, relay spam and fraudulent information, spread malware, and worse.

It is very simple to hijack a domain name. To hijack a domain name, it is necessary to gain access to the domain control panel of the target domain. For this you need two main pieces of information:
1. The domain registrar for the target domain.
2. The administrative email address associated with the target domain.

This information can be obtained by accessing the WHOIS data of the target domain. To get access to the WHOIS data, go here, enter the target domain name and click on Lookup. Once the whois data is loaded, scroll down and you’ll seeWhois Record. Under this, you’ll get the “Administrative contact email address”.

Once a highjacker gains control of your Cpanel, they will reroute your traffic over to their Web Property (website) and you will receive little to no traffic. For example: If you own domain www.griotlife.us and a web surfer is looking for that domain, the “seeker” would be rerouted to www.griotlife.com.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Last but not least, spammers have access to your public registration. What does this mean for you? Spam mail, spam mail and more spam mail.  Remember, the email that you used to register your domain name is public information by default.

Domains by Proxy

Public vs. Private With a public registration, John Smith’s personal information is available for anyone to see in the Whois listing for his domain – anywhere, anytime. But a private registration with Domains By Proxy shields John Smith’s personal information from public display — and the private email address we create allows John to control who reaches him.

Private Registration helps you:
§ Protect your identity
§ Stop domain-related spam
§ Block harassers and stalkers
§ End data mining
§ Maintain your personal and family privacy
§ Prevent domain name hijacking
§ Shield legitimate business endeavors

We at GriotSites.com care about your online safety. That is why we recommend to all of our clients “Private Registration”.  When registering for a new domain name at GriotSites.com, you are asked if you want to add a private registration to your URL address (domain). To protect your information with us is very cost efficient (about 41 cents a month, just under $5 bucks a year), and easy to do.

Your personal information is safe with us!

By having your domain registered with GriotSites.com and your personal information protected by our affiliate company, Domains By Proxy®, you get two unique and powerful layers of security. In addition to your registrar account, you’ll receive a separate account for managing your Private Registration, which can go a long way towards thwarting domain name hijackers.  To order your private registration, click here.

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