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June 13th, 2016

Web Hosting is BIG business, and many have dipped a foot or two in the web hosting arena only to find that the water may be a bit too deep.  As an African-American Web Hosting Company, we GriotSites Welcome Blogthought it would be a good business practice to research other web hosting businesses such as ourselves. We were happy to find thousands of articles listing the top 10 web hosting companies, yet sadly disappointed to find that less than 5 articles listed African-American web hosting companies.  Some would say that the ethnicity of a business owner shouldn’t matter just as long as they do the job (and we couldn’t agree more), but the reality is that there are many African-Americans who prefer to do business with other African-Americans.

We tracked down as many Black-Owned Web Hosting businesses as we could (around 65 of them), but when we attempted to review each company’s Web Property or “website,” only 38 of them are currently in business at the time of this article; it is fair to say that some may have changed their name or business focus. We don’t know for sure if all who we are listing are in fact black-owned businesses, but they claim to be on another Web Property “Black Refer,” so all we can do is take their word for it. In order to make our “Black Web Hosting” list, several requirements had to be met. If you are a Black Web Hosting business and wish to add your name to our list, email us at

Most businesses that came up when we searched the internet for Black Weh hosting companies were actually graphic designers who were offering to create a Web Property, transfer or purchase the domain name for the client. You see, Web hosting businesses don’t just offer web hosting; they offer web development, web security, and other related services to their Clients/Customers. We looked for certain website functions that a basic web hosting company may have on their Company web pages such as,

  1. Does the Web Property provide a method for visitors to purchase, transfer and manage domain names?
  2. Does the Web Property provide a knowledge base about their products and services?
  3. Does the Web Property offer a dashboard or cPanel for Clients to manage their domains?
  4. Does the Web Property offer live domain support?
  5. Does the Web Property have a Company Blog?
  6. Does the Web Property have an SSL Certificate installed?

Most new business owners who purchase an SSL Certificate for their Web property do not know that they may need to install one or more intermediate/chain certificates onto their web server in order for it to appear in the domain address bar for the visitors to see. One should check the validity of a Web Property before entering any vital/private information.  There is a handy tool called SSL Checker that quickly checks the URL of a Web Property.

About this list:

We will provide our honest assessment of other Black-owned web hosting companies below.  The Griot Team has taken the time to test each Web Property to provide our own thoughts on the layout and functionality of each site, and to provide a list of African-American owned web hosting companies for those who are seeking one. It’s only fair (of course) that we list our web hosting company too. there are so many who are entering the virtual world with their businesses that one hosting company

1.  GriotSites Web Hosting & Design


About the Company: Grow your web presence and interact with your fans with our beautiful fully functioning websites. cPanel capabilities. Over 4,500 templates available, affordable web hosting, and Custom designed websites. Excellent customer service and web consulting. Fast turnaround times.

Who Are We?  What is a Griot?

GriotSites™ was established in 2007 under the name Universal World Webs. The name change occurred in January of 2014 to accompany the sister book publishing company Griot Publishing House. The Griot Headquarters was birthed and still resides in beautiful Phoenix, AZ, known for its high plateau, low desert, rugged mountains, hidden canyons and riparian ecosystems AND sunshine all year around!

We originally created GriotSites™ to give authors and artists the tools they need to display and sell their published books online. We believe that housing your own books and/or products on your own Web Property means more return on your investment as you grow your career online.

We are now a full-service web hosting and web Design Company who has and continues to produce beautiful Web Properties for many start-up businesses and corporations. What is our secret to our success? Our Awesome Customer Service, Satisfied Clients, and our LOVE for what we do!

2. (This link was deactivated on 1/1/2017 because we could no longer connect with this business’ domain name we currently have on file. No further information regarding what happened to the web address We will watch this hosting company for 30 days and if the link is still inactive, we will remove this business from our list.


About the Company: Web Design Office offers custom website design services, website hosting as well as search engine submission and optimization services.
Our Assessment: This Web Property has a very nice layout. The contents are informative and easy to understand, and the layout is clean. We are not sure if Web Design Office is a web hosting provider, but there are several places on their Web Property that indicates web hosting availability. There is a Godaddy link that offers a free domain name, but it turns out to be a dead link.  We didn’t locate a blog or forum, but articles are provided to cover interesting key points pertaining to web development. We love the fact that their phone number and “contact form” is nice and big on every web page. This is a sign that they care about connecting with their potential customers, and you know that we are BIG on Customer Service.

First Frontier Webhosting

About the Company: Provides low-cost Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting, Web Site Design, Email, Marketing, and more.

Our Assessment: This Web Property is a simple “cookie cutter” style layout that offers domain registration, web security and more. There is a number in the right-hand corner for technical support, and when we attempted to purchase a domain name, an error box popped up and with instructions to contact technical support. We could not locate any information about this business, but we were able to see that this domain has been registered since 2005.

4. Jersey Web Hosting

About the Company: Jersey Web Hosting offers the same reliability and services as larger companies without the large overhead expense. All inclusive Web Hosting, Website Design, Domain Registration, and Graphic Design Packages are also available.

Our Assessment: We are very impressed with Jersey Web Hosting’s Web Property. The home page has a really nice layout that is easy to read and contains many useful links to help navigate their visitors through their site. They have a nice knowledge-base system and a link standing by just in case you can’t find what you are looking for.  Jersey Web Hosting appears to have two web addresses: that leads to their main Web Property and that leads to their web hosting section of their Web Property. Registering a new domain name seems easy and painless, and navigating to their shopping cart is a breeze. The only issue we found is that during checkout, creating an account and logging in, it appears that there is no SSL installed to protect vital information, however; when checking them out in the SSL Checker,  they do in fact have an SSL Certificate on both addresses.Manifest Web Solutions …

5. Manifest Web Solutions


About the Company: Web Hosting and Design Company which specializes in bringing out the essence of the company, each site with its unique flavor and style.

Our Assessment:  If you know anything about Griotsites, you know that we love colorful Web Properties. Manifest Web Solutions has a colorful layout that is much different than most web hosting Web Properties. Navigation is made easy by the clear links on the home page. Once the links are “clicked,” you are navigated to their eCommerce section of their business. there is no indication that this site is protected by an SSL certificate, but when checked in the SSL Checker, it appears to be installed.

6. Peoples Comm (This link was deactivated on 1/1/2017 because we could no longer connect with this business’ domain name we currently have on file. No further information regarding what happened to the web address We will watch this hosting company for 30 days and if the link is still inactive, we will remove this business from our list.

peoples comm

About the Company: An Information Technology & Business solutions provider who designs and develops custom solutions for most of their Client’s needs.

Our Assessment: Here is another one of our favorites. The first two words that come to mind is eloquently simple!  This Web Property is like a smooth glass of wine. The layout is simple and easy to use. With its “Blog style” layout, the links are easy to find and easy to navigate. We didn’t have to look far to learn about this company because they boldly display who they are and what they do right on the home page.  They provide good contact information and useful links for other services. They also have an SSL Certificate installed and is visible to their visitors (kudos). Last but not least, we like their Web Property’s branding. They are detailed down to their personalized email address. Yes, we love this Web Property.

7. Save On Hosting 


About the Company: Using their advanced technology, you can create and update your own website directly from your browser. Non-technical people can develop professional web pages, and even an online web store with shopping cart features!

Our Assessment: This Web Property is not one of our favorites.  Mainly because upon entering this site, we heard a man talking and quickly tried to figure out where the voice was coming from.  Secondly, because the site seems outdated, and the copyright date confirms that it was either created or updated in 2008. When you click on the PayPal buttons, you are navigated to an error page. What we do like is the large customer service quote on the right side of each web page in large numbers. We do like their Test Drive system, and their easy site builder. We also like that you can find the domain name registration button without having to search around for it. Once you click the “Domain Registration” link, you will navigate to a web page where you can search for a new domain name. Kudos to this business for having an SSL Certificate where it counts, letting their visitors know that their information is protected.

8. SolidHostDesign, Inc. 


About the Company: SolidHostDesign focuses on website design, hosting & more!  Visit the site, see their portfolio and learn more!

Our Assessment: This Web Property made our list because they offer web hosting and domains. This Web Property is not interactive which means you cannot purchase any products directly on the site. Their contact information is snuggled on their “contact” page, and if you look towards the bottom, you will find their phone number to reach them. There is a company blog included, but no SSL Certificate installed. This could be because they are not collecting any vital information on their Web Property, so an web security is not needed.

9. The Brothers Of Invention


About the Company: Inspired Web Solutions – The Brothers of Invention are a full-service web design and consulting company comprised of like-minded musicians who are also web professionals.

Our Assessment: The Brothers of Invention made our web hosting list because they offer domain names to their Clients. The site is not interactive so you have to contact them for their services. Based out of Chicago, Il, this Web Property is primarily for information purposes so no SSL is needed. The layout is very clean and contains our favorite color “green.”  We like their branding and the fact that they provide their phone number and email at the bottom of the web page for easy access to their visitors.


virtual web hosting

About the Company: Inspired Web Solutions – The Brothers of Invention are a full-service web design and consulting company comprised of like-minded musicians who are also web professionals.

Our Assessment: We have been watching this Web Property for a while. We understand how some functions may not work because the site is being worked on. We don’t know if that is the case for this Web Property, but we will just assume that they are working on it because of the several “coming soon” pages. We will keep you posted on the status of this web hosting company.

11. WebbGirrl 


About the Company:  Webbgirrl provides assistance ranging from Enterprise-wide web solutions to customized web design and database-oriented projects, aimed at fetching clients the maximum benefit the Internet has to offer.

Our Assessment: Although Webbgirrl is an Advertising firm located in California, we decided to add this Web Property to our list because they offer web hosting and domain name registration. This site seems more of an informational property than interactive. You can not purchase directly from the Web Property, but they make contacting them easy by placing a contact form, phone number and email address on the right side of every web page.  The layout is clean, easy to read, and easy to navigate. There are several links at the bottom of the page, but we all agreed that the average Web Property Owner who has little knowledge about internet life may not find the links useful. Overall, this is a nice, informative Web Property.


world summits

About the Company: Low-cost domain names, web Hosting, and email.

Our Assessment: The layout for this Web Property is kinda cool. We love the banner that has a smooth flash to display their products and services. The color “green” is our favorite, so World Submits receives a “thumbs up” for good color choices. Also, the layout is clean and easy to navigate. Complete with a secured shopping cart and company blog, this Web Property is worth checking out.

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